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The Buying Process

1. Inquiry

We will suggest properties that meet your needs. With care and kindness, we will guide you through the real estate purchasing process in Hawaii to ensure you’ll find a property that satisfies you. Feel free to contact us anytime.

2. Consultation

To begin, stop by for a free consultation. We’ll ask you whether you want a house or a condo, what your budget is, how many rooms and parking spaces you need, and other factors involved in your real estate purchase. Then we’ll consider your options with you.
We’ll also talk with you to consider economic factors such as the down payment and monthly loan repayment schedule, so you can find a property you can easily afford.
(We also accept consultations from Japan, so feel free to contact us.)

After we make a list of possible properties, we’ll pick you up at the hotel where you’re staying and take you on a well-planned tour.
Here we’ll tell you what points to check for during your search.
Note that one of the main points to consider when deciding on a property is your first impression when you walk inside.

Be sure to check the view, too.

The view from your window is also important. This property has a wonderful view with Diamond Head and the Ala Wai Golf Course right in front of you. You’ll be living your dream life in Hawaii, so the view is one of the really important elements.

Don’t forget to check the air conditioning!

Summers in Hawaii can get very hot! Be sure to make sure the property has air conditioning. And of course, make sure it works properly! If you can, test it out and make sure. Feel free to make any requests when looking.

Check water and plumbing carefully

Condominiums often have shared laundry rooms, so it’s important to see if the property has a washer and drier (or space for them). Make this one of the criteria you check for when deciding on a property. It could significantly affect the cost.

Closet size is also important

In actual daily life, you’ll surely accumulate more and more stuff. That’s why the size and the ease of use of your closets (and other storage) is a very important point to check. Look carefully at the property’s walk-in closets or small closet spaces.

The bath is also important

For the Japanese, nothing says peace of mind like a nice tub that lets you soak in a hot bath after a long day. Get inside the tub and make sure it’s deep enough. Ensuring your relaxation time is one of the important parts of life in Hawaii.

Check common spaces, too

Pools, barbecue areas and other common spaces are important factors for quality of life. A thorough check of the common spaces will make your stay in Hawaii even more enjoyable. And don’t forget to look at the facilities for when you invite friends and family over.

3. Sales Contract

Once you’ve chosen a property you like and taken a tour, if you think you’ve found the one that’s right for you, you will make an offer (signaling your intention to buy to the landlord) along with a deposit.
When the contract is written, an escrow will be opened. You will sign the required documents and proceed with the contract process.

4. Inspection

A survey will be conducted on the property you decide to buy to ensure there are no defects or problems. This inspection is a very important step to prevent you from having regrets in the future. We will advise you on the points to look out for.

Give extra care to water and plumbing

Put extra effort into your checks on all water-related areas, which are the most important areas to check. This is also a very important point when selling a home, so be very careful.

Take a look behind, too

You’d be surprised how easy it is to forget to check behind the washer and dryer. Also look in the spaces between furniture and other tight areas.

5. Registration Procedures

You’re almost done. Once you’ve reached this point, the next step is to sign the documents for registering the property.
There are a lot of documents to look over, but rest assured because we will explain each of them carefully.

6. Handing Over the Keys

Congratulations! Once you’ve made your payment, you will receive the title deeds and the keys. This is the moment your dream comes true. You know own property in Hawaii.

If you visit Hawaii for a short term, please contact us in advance so that we can prepare the property for showing!

The Selling Process

1. Inquiry

At Lei Hawaii Realty, we will conduct an assessment and look for as many buyers as possible, as quickly as possible, for any property you wish to sell, to make a sale under the optimum conditions.

2. Set Selling Price

We will research the selling price of similar properties online.

3. Visit and Appraisal

We will go to the site of the property, consider the condition, location, view, facilities, and other aspects of the property, and offer specially-tailored advice for sale.

4. Selling your Property

We will put your property on the market using the media listed below.
Our plan is to increase visibility making active use of advertising media so that as many people as possible will see your property.

•The Lei Hawaii Website

•Our management personnel and agents’ blogs

Because we attract customers using our agents’ blogs, search keywords such as “Hawaii” and “sales” will lead potential buyers to these blogs, so you can expect plenty of hits and inquiries.

•Japanese Daily Sun Newspaper

This is the most effective newspaper for advertising to locals who are Japanese nationals. It’s read by many people every day.
From sales to rentals, it covers a wide range of properties. Particularly on Sunday the real estate listings are expansive, and many readers base their Sunday plans around the Sun’s Open House Guide. We list ads in the Daily Sun every day.

•Hawaii-ni-sumu (

This is a free magazine distributed mainly in Waikiki and Honolulu. A great many people take the print magazine around with them when shopping, and you can also expect many visitors to the website.

•Aloha Street(

This is a free magazine distributed mainly in Waikiki, Honolulu and in Japan.
It also has a portal website. Aloha Street is known to any Japanese person who loves Hawaii. The website also gets an amazing number of hits.

•MLS (Multiple Listing Service)

This is a computer-based search service provided by the Honolulu Board of Realtors. Both realtors and general buyers can view the listings.

•Homes & Land

A real estate listings magazine with beautiful color photos. It’s a very classy medium printed on high quality paper.

•Real Estate Book

A color real estate booklet in a convenient handbook size. It’s distributed in many locations including restaurants and shopping centers.

•Hawaii Business News

This business and economic newspaper is widely read by high-income earners, including lawyers, doctors, and company executives. It lists photos selected for each property and guides buyers to open houses.


We also send direct mail for property sales featuring the latest properties to our mailing list.

5. Advice for sales

We will notify you of offers from potential buyers and give advice for the best contract.

6. Contract

Through an escrow, we will begin the procedures to transfer the ownership to the buyer.

7. Balance Settlement/Transfer

We will assist with the settlement of the money and close the escrow.

(Note: You do not necessarily need to be present in Hawaii to sell real estate. Procedures can be taken care of while you are in Japan.)

1. Inquiry

We offer long-term rental properties for business trips, immigration, or other long stays of one month or more.
Many of our properties are furnished and have parking spaces, so all you have to do is move in.
There are lots of advantages in terms of economy and convenience in our long-term rentals.
See our Properties Report page for vacancies and rates (rents). Or feel free to contact our office.

2. Consultation

We will ask about your needs on length of stay, area, price range, and style of residence, and choose properties that satisfy your requests.
We have management specialists on our staff, so we can answer any question you may have.
(At this time, all of the properties we manage are occupied. If any become available we will list them on our agents’ blogs or our Property Report page.)

3. Property Referrals

We will do a preliminary inspection of the properties you are interested in.
If a property is currently occupied, we will explain the area, show you photos and let you get a feel for the surroundings.
For any inquiries from Japan, we will send you photos and let you know as much about the property as possible.

4. Payment

5. Handing Over the Keys

1. Inquiry

We currently post property listings every day in the Japan Daily Sun newspaper for Japanese nationals living in Hawaii. These listings receive a great response from Japanese nationals as soon as they are published. Currently all 23 of our rental properties are occupied.

We also post listings in the Aloha Street (online edition).
Our management specialists can offer you a more detailed explanation, so feel free to contact us.

2. Consultation

We will set the price for rent and other terms taking nearby properties into consideration.
For the rental period, we will take your circumstances into account and look for tenants for minimum 1-month, or 6-month or greater stays.
We will also offer proposals for renovations and other improvements.

We post listings on upcoming openings regularly in the Japan Daily Sun and on our website, then conduct interviews to find tenants.