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[LOHAS Hawaii] New Normal, Everything Changes…


I’m Arry.



Situation like this, enjoy your travel in this style.

New Vacation Rental, New Traveling Style is here.



I just opened up this new website that you can still Feel & Enjoy Hawaii even you are not in here.

Feel like you are in our Vacation Rental Rooms and Open House Tours/Showrooms for Homes on Sale with Virtual Reality video clips.















Covid-19 changes everything. My Japan visits for May is pushed back.
But, I am accepting online counseling request ALL THE TIME. More Info is


What should I do in this Lockdown situation?



I was struggling at first.



ヨガ ハワイ


We, Lei Hawaii Realty, set our goal as Offering Relaxing Homes.
More info is Here.











Feel Hawaii from a room. Relax in a room. Like that.


Because everything is locked down, Feel Hawaii, Feel Happy by just staying in a roo.



Cresernt Park Vacation Rental











Lockdown like looking over this view



isn’t bad at all.




Being held by this nature,,,


Lei Hawaii Realty Vacation Rental Yoga


Even we are in COVID-19 pandemic, we have no problem enjoying Surfing, Golfing, Hiking in Hawaii now with a proper social distance.
Next Trip to Hawaii. Organic way of Hawaiian Life is Here.









Lei Hawaii Realty Vacation Rental Yoga






Find your own secret spot for Yoga. Go to Beaches.
And see yourself.






Later, go back to your room and meditate.






Yoga Hawaii



Post Corona, Co-live with a society that focused more on the environment and relaxation. Change the way we used to do. follow your heart.



Lei Hawaii Realty is going to focus on the environment and relaxation.
CSR is Here.


Our Core Value is Here.




Our cleaning protocols are followed by CDC(Centers for Disease Control and Prevention)these guidelines .


We keep at least 2 full days in between bookings.













Mass consumption era is over now. With our limited source of materials, maximize your happiness by minimizing transportations and consumptions.





Video I took before the lockdown started Vacation Rentals Surrounded by nature .
Repurposed already existing materials such as old condo recycles, driftwoods and etc.


This unit requires minimum 30 nights stay.



Now, you will nee 14 days quarantine when arriving to Hawaii.
You can enjoy Hawaiian meals with Uber Eats. Be true to yourself with nature.


Monthly Vacation Rental info and booking is from here.
Last munite 50% discount available.









Cresent Park Hawaii Vacation rental

Cresent Park Hawaii Vacation rental



Staying at home and face yourself in Vacation Rental.


Reservation and more vacation rental units are here.



*With advanced search, special feature search available. Choose your desired dates in Calendar View for availability and price.

*Some units require minimum 2 nights stay. Less than half of price you book from the hotel directly.



*Currently, 14 days quarantine is required by State of Hawaii.

* Special Covid-19 Cancelation policy is here.





#New Normal

#Face yourself

#Cync with room and nature







Now, with our Lohas Hawaii‘s Virtual reality video clips, please feel like you are in Hawaii.

Lohas Hawaii






Arry Okano (R)



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★Tourist AttractionsNew Normal, Everything is changing.

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Lohas Hawaii Enjoy Hawaii with Virtual Reality Video Clips★

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★RAndom Arry’s daily life is here

★Interesting Hawaii Info★
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★Videos that make you want to come to Hawaii★
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★Something Special. Cync rooms with nature. Lei Hawaii World is here. And our page is here

2019 Lei Hawaii & 2020 Lei Hawaii

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